SC&R is a not-for-profit company registered as an Industrial and Provident Society (Reg: 28896R). This means that any surpluses that are generated by our trading activities go directly back into providing services and not into the pockets of Trustees, who are unpaid volunteers, or into excessive staff pay rises


Social Enterprise

SC&R is also registered as a Social enterprise and has been awarded a social enterprise mark. The social enterprise mark is the only internationally available social enterprise accreditation scheme, enabling credible companies to prove they are making a real difference to society, communities and the environment (For further information visit


Home Improvement Agency

HIA's try to assist and ensure people are able to stay safe , secure and warm whilst maintaining their independence in their own home. They offer holistic services to their clients, helping to improve a persons wellbeing as well as offering practical solutions around their home, including adaptations and independent living aids.

Our Mission Statement

Where we can, we will

Somerset Care and Repair supports anyone requiring extra help to live independent and fulfilling lives by;

Wherever possible SC&R works in partnership and integrates its activities to gain maximum benefit from minimal resources

Happy Clients

15+ Years in Business

Vast knowledge

Kettle is always on!



A word from the director...

Over it's 16 year history, Somerset Care and Repair has had to change with the times, In addition to our core work around helping the elderly and disabled to stay independent we have expanded and diversified our service provision to help bring empty properties back into use for those in greatest housing need and at the same time help to support and train the long tern unemployed and ex-offenders

As our mission statement says; Where we can, we will assist those who require our help.

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